Inventive, Functional and Very Practical for Your Kitchen

Goods Home Design is your source for the widest range of functional, inventive, and fun kitchen tools and great ideas put into practice. The next product is from Progressive International, a famous company for its products for kitchen, such as this counter edge poly cutting board with integrated removable bin collects food and scraps and collapses for easy storage. The bin slides easily into place and features a seal between board and bin to ensure liquid does not fall on the floor. The bin has a 4-cup capacity and the board features an L shaped edge design that fits over a sink and counter. The board features non skid feet, and measures 11 by 15-inch. Attach the bin to the board and collapse for easy storage. What do you think about this product ? Would be useful in your kitchen?

The price of a product is about $ 24 … but for more details see here…

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