Invisible Bookshelf: Put a Little Magic in Your Home

We found an interesting and innovative bookshelf called “Conceal Wall Book Shelf” by Umbra. This invisible bookshelf is made of powder coated steel and hangs simply on the wall with the included hardware, so all you need is a screwdriver. Created with the inspiration and imagination, this bookshelf is very simple but creates illusion that bookshelf isn’t even exists and all books in your room float in the air. The product price varies between 10-15 dollars depending on size. If you want to add some “magic” to your interior – buy these bookshelves for just $12 here.

4 Responses to “Invisible Bookshelf: Put a Little Magic in Your Home”

  1. rachel collins says:

    Would be great in the kitchen for cookbooks.

    I can’t figure out how that bottom book back stay up like it does.

  2. me encanta esta página, sumamente creativa, muy buenas ideas y proyectos que se pueden realizar por personas que no somos profesionales.

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