Italian Hero Crescent Ring Recipe


One of the best parts of going to a party is the moment when you get to taste all the delicious food the host prepared. If the host is a good cook, then you practically hit the jackpot. So, if you want your next party to go down in history, you should search for the best recipes out there and make sure to include this next Italian crescent ring in the menu too. For starters, you will need 2 tubes of Pillsbury Crescents. Lay them on a pizza pan as shown in the pictures. Then you will cover the dough with ham and salami, peppers and cheese. Then simply roll the dough to cover all the ingredients and place the pan in the oven. Once the dough becomes golden, your crescent ring will be ready. Serve while fresh, with delicious sauces on the side and a glass of red wine. Enjoy and be certain your friends get a chance to experience this culinary delight, whether by inviting them to have a bite or sharing the recipe.




Full recipe: Italian Hero Crescent Ring – Pillsbury

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    Es posible regalarme la receta en español, muchas.Jeanneth.

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