It’s Time to Enter Your Farm Era Because Costco Now Sells Chicken Coops

If you’ve been captivated by the homesteading trend on social media, the idea of raising chickens might have already piqued your interest. The investment in time and resources to care for livestock can be substantial, but the rewards often outweigh the challenges. Chickens are known to be delightful pets and, once you start enjoying fresh, home-laid eggs, you might never go back to the store-bought variety. Adding to the appeal, Costco now offers a starter chicken coop at an enticing price of under $440, making it easier than ever to dive into your farm era.

Laura from the popular Instagram account Costco Hot Finds recently highlighted this deal, showcasing a chicken house that features two nesting bays, a free-range door, a durable PVC roof, and enough space for up to eight chickens. However, seasoned chicken owners suggest that for optimal comfort, it’s best to house just two or three chickens in the coop to ensure they have ample space to roam. While this starter coop is perfect for beginners, many note that as your hens grow, a larger coop may be necessary. This coop, which is also sold at Tractor Supply for nearly $700, presents a great bargain at Costco, and some imaginative users even propose using it as a “catio” for indoor cats. Priced at $432.99, this coop provides an accessible entry point into the joys of backyard farming.

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