Japanese Farmers Plant Specific Strains of Rice to Grow Colorfully Illustrated Fields

Rice paddy art is something very specific to a certain part of Japan, namely the village of Inakadate which decided to bring the area into the public’s attention in the 90s and attract more tourists.
To create a new attraction in the village, officials decided to commission artists to make rice-paddy art. The natural art piece spreads on a large surface and is comprised of seven different kinds of rice which all have their very own color palette.
The complex piece is the main tourist attraction, and thousands come to visit it every year. There is even a large conference every year in April when the next year’s design is discussed and carefully planned.
Digital renderings are there to help the village officials, envision next year’s design. Once the design is ready, it is being mapped onto the area where the seeds are then planted with the help of local art teachers.
The planting and design of the concept can last even 3 months, but the result is a beautiful 15,000 square-meter rice-paddy mural.


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