Japanese Mom Transforms Fried Eggs Into Incredibly Cute Meals

Who knew food can look so cute? Mastering the art of plating is not an easy task, but this Japanese mom did an amazing job with egg-based dishes.
The technique used by her has a specific name and is called Kyaraben and it means the art of styling food in such a way that it resembles cartoon characters or animals.
Etoni Mama uses different ingredients to create her food art, but all her plates have one thing in common: fried eggs. Among her most popular designs, you’ll find Pikachu and Winnie-the-Pooh, and they are styled with lots of patience and care.
The egg yolks are usually used as faces or bodies of the character and the rest of the ingredients are placed on top of the egg. She uses vegetables, cheese, and pieces of ham to form the clothing, face, and scenery in which each character is placed and posts all her creations on Instagram. It surely is very hard to resist eating all these amazing-looking dishes, but the time invested in them pays off in the form of more than 140,000 Instagram followers.
Etoni Mama has also published a cookbook dedicated to parents who want to learn the art of Kyaraben themselves.

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