Jeff’s Cabin & Greenhouse

Jeff’s cabin is a charming tiny house that he built while building his larger home. The original purpose of this tiny home was to provide Jeff with shelter while building his home. But once his residence was finished, he moved in and kept the tiny house as a guest house. So a few years later Jeff needed space for his tools and garden utensils and decided to build a second tiny house that he would use a storage unit. This second house’s design revolves around its windows, that were found at a metal recycler for only 3$ each. So Jeff decided to buy the windows and construct the entire house around them, making an extra space for his mower. He filled the interior with plants, this way creating a tiny house that is both a storage unit and an ingenious greenhouse. This is such a great example of how small spaces can be turned into a new area with several features.


See more of Jeff’s projects on Flickr.

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