Jellyfish Barge: 750 sq ft Floating Agricultural Greenhouse


Thinking about having your own greenhouse but not sure about how to be practical, efficient and environmentally friendly? If you want to check the previous 3 points and at the same time use simple materials and low-cost technology in an innovative approach to growing plants, than this following project will be perfect! The 750 square feet octagonal shape barge is probably the most creative greenhouse in recent times. Jellyfish Barge, as it is known, floats on the water due to recycled plastic barrels but it is also a solar powered greenhouse. Besides the solar and wind sources, which by the way provide with enough energy to power-up the pumps or any fans included in the greenhouse, you even have the water waves giving energy! How cool is that? Grow your garden on this unique system. Check out the project in further detail to learn all about how it works and to get a better look at the planter ladder system inside. If you were pondering about choosing a greenhouse design before, you surely made up your mind thanks to this genius floating greenhouse!





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