KWK Promes Plans Residential Project ‘Aura’ with a Sweeping Green Facade

Polish architect Robert Konieczny, the visionary founder of KWK Promes, is set to transform Poznań’s residential landscape with the groundbreaking Aura project. This innovative building, distinguished by a facade enveloped in greenery, will feature 140,000 plants, establishing a harmonious relationship with its natural surroundings. The design philosophy behind Aura focuses on minimizing environmental disruption while enhancing the ecosystem, with the structure rising organically from the terrain to mimic a verdant hillside. KWK Promes has integrated advanced global research and technologies into the project, enabling diverse plant species to thrive on the building facade. This lush vegetation not only offers aesthetic pleasure but also practical benefits such as temperature regulation and fresh produce, creating a microclimate that enhances living conditions year-round.

The Aura project signifies a pioneering achievement in Poland’s architectural scene, facilitated through close collaboration with Poznań University of Technology and the University of Life Sciences. The building’s innovative facade features a vertical garden supported by a specially designed structure that includes an air gap for natural insulation and an automated irrigation system that primarily uses collected rainwater. Inside, investor Piotr Voelkel has enlisted artist Alicja Biała to bring a unique artistic flair to the lobby. Biała’s work, inspired by local flora threatened by habitat loss and climate change, includes a sculptural plant lamp and nature-inspired reliefs. She has also developed custom glazes for her sculptures using soil from the Wielkopolska region, including the Aura construction site, ensuring that each piece embodies the local environment’s unique mineral composition. Through these thoughtful integrations, Aura not only redefines urban living but also showcases a deep commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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