La Tiny House


La Tiny House is known for building tiny houses in France. The people who work there build various designs, some more traditional looking than others. The one in the picture is called the “tinystream” because of its similarities with the Airstream trailers of the 1960s. However, La Tiny House can customize the homes in order to fit a customer’s wishes.

It’s quite challenging for them to build something that is under 7,700 pounds. A local boat trailer builder is responsible for building a custom trailer. This is built so that it can be easily transportable, even by small vehicles.








6 Responses to “La Tiny House”

  1. Rachel says:

    Beautiful I imagine I will go for something like this in retirement years.

  2. Helena Stenbeck Nilsson says:

    Wow! I really like these tiny houses. Do you have a webpage?


  3. Joseph R Orear says:

    Love on two pontoon hulls as a house boat ?

  4. Roy Fallon says:

    Do you export to Croatia? Prices?

  5. Debbi Wilmoth says:

    Love it,Its a sharp design!

  6. Cicely Sylow says:

    Hi, do you know who might build caravans like this in Australia or do you import to Australia? I LOVE THESE! We own a caravan park and would love a couple of these on it.

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