Delicate Hand-Sewn Lace Figures are Harmoniously Fused to Real Pieces of Found Wood

Agnes Herczeg is a Hungarian artist who creates one-of-a-kind pieces using the technique of lace art and wooden frames. The frames are not traditional ones, as they are branches of wood found in nature to which she ties the lace pieces.

Her works depict the delicacy of human existence and have a nostalgic feel, often featuring figures of contemplative women. The wood in Herczeg’s works offers not only a frame for the artists to express herself but also a support for the activities her characters engage in.
The lace pieces are sewn by applying traditional techniques, such as needle lace or macrame, and converge into an organized and carefully detailed shape. Herczeg states that lace-making is not for everyone as it requires a lot of time and patience, a smaller piece usually taking several days to be ready.
Even though her works have a spontaneous aspect, the art of lace-making relies a lot on previous planning and design, as each piece needs to be meticulously planned in advance.
You can see more of Herczeg’s beautiful work on her website on the link below…

Ágnes Herczeg: Website | Facebook

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