Land Artist Leaves Striking Stone Arrangements Along the Coast

Land art is among the most underrated artistic movements, as the artists from this field have been ignored for a long time in favor of more mainstream art. Masterminds such as Jon Foreman create amazing pieces of land art and find comfort in giving natural elements a new purpose.
He creates eye-soothing arrangements on beaches and shores, calling his installations Sculpt the World and you can recognize his signature pieces after the swirling patterns and rainbow-colored rocks used. Foreman states that the entire process serves as therapy for him and he often loses himself in the process and forgets about time and space.
Living in Pembrokeshire, Wales offers Foreman an immense playground through the long coastline and he usually spends around 4 hours on one of his works. Sometimes Foreman has a well-traced plan of how the installation will look, but occasionally he lets his creativity flow and improvises along the way. Being so used to working with rocks, he observed some interesting features about them, more specifically that rocks can become very malleable when grouped.
Although most of his works have a short lifespan, Foreman thinks this is the true beauty of his art, being both impactful and ephemeral as nature always takes back what it has provided.

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