Landscaping around a tree

Landscaping around tree trunks is something that you can make with low-budget. You don’t have to be a horticulturist or a landscape designer, looks great and is very easy to make. My front yard is looking much better now. What do you think?


  • Angela on said:

    Some of these pictures show very poor landscaping practices. Piling mulch around a tree trunk will lead to rot, adventitious roots possibly girdling the tree, and damage. Eventually the tree will weaken and either snap at that point, or die from other causes related to the rotting/girdling. You need to keep the root crown exposed.

  • Very goofy idea! You don’t pile up earth or mulch around the base of a tree. The bark and base of the tree will rot and the roots of the tree will grow along the top of the soil and in turn the tree falls over under heavy wind. Use common sense people.

  • Maria on said:

    Don’t understand, just about everyone’s saying that it will kill the tree. Why? I’ve always put soil, mulch& bark around trees(fruit) and have been thriving for over 20 years. Helps keep moister and protects base of tree. Can anyone tell me why it’s bad for the tree?.. really like this idea.. maria

    • Beuna on said:

      Changing the soil level around the base of the tree can cause the tree trunk to rot and give a place for rodents to hide to gnaw on the bark. Bark mulch isn’t necessarily a problem but adding several inches of soil is a bad idea.

  • Sally on said:

    Funny you all say this about a bed around the tree. I have had mine for 20+ years and never a problem. I am however looking at a makeover.

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