Larry Thomas’ tiny house was stolen


This is a bad news. Larry Thomas’ tiny house was stolen. My custom built tiny house and all of my belongings was stolen on 12/31/2016 from a truck stop in Hermiston Oregon. I was in the process of moving to Nevada when I got stuck in a horrible snow storm and could not drive further until the storm passed. I was forced to leave my house under watch at a truck stop. I was in the process of going back when the weather cleared to recover my home. Unfortantely someone broke the hitch lock and stole the house that I built with ALL of my possessions. Many which cannot be replaced because of sentimental value. Any and all help would be appreciated. The photos shown was the last place it was seen. At one Stop truck stop in Hemiston Oregon. If you have seen this house please call 911 and contact the Umitilla Oregon sherrifs office. Help spread the word!

The trailer was last seen at: One Stop Mart 28810 Stafford Hansel Rd. Hermiston Oregon right off the 84. If you have any details, call 911, or you may send an email to [email protected], and I will forward the information.

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