Learn How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Network


We would all want to be able to connect to the Internet from almost everywhere. The closeness to technology allows us to have access to the entire world in our smartphones or in our homes, thus making the Internet our personal digital extension. But even if you have Internet in your residence, you might feel annoyed when you’re unable to connect while lounging in your bed or preparing a meal in the kitchen. That’s why you must assure your entire house has an access point to the World Wide Web. In the next website you can learn how to easily extend your Wi-Fi in your home. Upgrading your hardware will be necessary but make sure you go through all the options available and only then go on to purchase anything or make any alteration to your network. There are options you can choose from: turning your electrical outlets into wireless access points, installing a high-gain antenna, adding a wireless repeater etc. Find out how the solutions can be done and what impact does each have on your Wi-Fi. Good luck!



  • Replace Router With New Wireless N or AC Router
  • Upgrade Network Adapters to Match Your Router
  • Buy or Build a High-Gain Antenna
  • Turn Your Cable or Electrical Outlets into Wireless Access Points
  • Add a Wireless Repeater
  • Wire Additional Wireless Access Points

PC World – How To Extend Your Wi-Fi Network

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