Learn How to Grow All The Food You Need In Your Backyard


Having a veggie garden at your disposal is proven to be a great help for all amateur chefs. What if we tell you 3 square feet is all you need in order to grow the food you need in the kitchen? The next guide will show all you require in this area. From planting to harvesting, everything is detailed in the Homestead Handbook available at the next links. There are only benefits for growing your own food. Not only your lifestyle becomes more active, but your food habits can turn healthy, especially if you like going often to the fast-food restaurant. Check out the guide and find out more about growing food, the effort necessary in caring after each vegetable, as well as the benefits you will reap when harvest time arrives.



Chapter 1 – Square Foot Gardening

Chapter 2 – Planning Your Square Foot Garden

Chapter 3 – Raised Garden Beds

Chapter 4 – Soil Prep for Backyard Gardening

Chapter 5 – Planting Seeds

Chapter 6 – Tending Your Vegetable Garden

Chapter 7 – Grow a Vertical Garden

Chapter 8 – When to Plant a Garden

Chapter 9 – Tips For Unique Backyards

Chapter 10 – Gardening Tips For the Family

Chapter 11 – How to Grow an Herb Garden

11 Responses to “Learn How to Grow All The Food You Need In Your Backyard”

  1. sue says:

    It looks so enticing until reality set is – insects, deer, groundhogs, fungal diseases, weeds, drought, flooding rains! I’ve known people who have been very successful backyard gardeners (including my parents who had a huge garden every year until they passed away in their 80’s) but it’s a lot of work and takes commitment.

  2. Kim Drake says:

    regrettably the challenges of dealing with bugs, mold & various other pests is now exponentially made worse by the constant barrage of chemtrail pollutants AND the now relentless Fukushima nano-particles of plutonium as well as the radioactive isotopes of cesium, barium, thorium, et al. which are being churned out DAILY & have been for 5yrs. now!
    NO GARDEN FROM THIS DAY FORWARD SHOULD BE UNPROTECTED OR EXPOSED TO ATMOSPHERIC PARTICULATES, let alone water from any surface source be it lake, stream, rain or municipal if at any time exposed to the atmosphere. The bioaccumulation as well as our residing at the top of the food chain factor us into a category of exponential risk for radiations accumulative effects. Argue, debate, deny or debunk, however, the grim fact remains this is an extinction level event that we have NO technology to resolve. The Pacific Ocean north of the equator will be a toxic wasteland by the end of 2017 as for the rest of the planet, well the ever worsening and unchecked disaster will haunt mankind and likely exterminating us, you see it will last for over 200,000 years!

  3. rosetta m ladnier says:

    I want to learn all I can about organic gardening in raised beds love gardening and hope to do so for a long time I am in my 80’s and in good health hope to remain so by organic gardening thank you

  4. Remko says:

    Don’t worry Kim we won’t be around for another 200.000 years and about your points that we can’t eat or drink from the land anymore. What a load of bull.
    Chem trails?!? Really you believe that?
    Just live your life. Do what you can do and what you can’t change, just accept it

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Remko….after reading Kim’s post I was ready to slit my wrist and end it all.

      Grow your food, do the best you can, learn how to store and preserve what you have produced, it may not be as pure and free from chemicals as we would like, but it’s miles above what is sold in stores.

  5. Lois says:

    Is this a book that can be purchased? If so, how?

    • Enid says:

      I don’t know about this book…but a great beginners book for gardening is ‘square foot gardening’ and’ the square foot garden cookbook’. It explains how to create small scale-able gardens that produce well and don’t require a rototiller. the cookbook also explains when to harvest and gives you great ideas for cooking fresh stuff! Good Luck!

  6. Jonathan Wolfe says:

    @Kim Drake: Are you aware the US conducted 105 nuclear bomb tests in the South Pacific between 1947 and 1962? Nuclear contamination is not new.

  7. Larry says:

    research microbes… we’re using EM technology Microbes here in Kenya with great success. .. restoring nature’s poeer in provisions orgsnically from natural resources

  8. Okoye says:

    All the more reason for everyone to start growing their own organic food.

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