Learn How to Grow Green Onions Indefinitely


There are lots of recipes that use green onions, a scallion sauce being just one to name here. That is why it is best – for your wallet and your culinary skill – to learn how to grow green onions indefinitely. Yes, you read correctly: indefinitely! It’s a little known fact that you can use the scallions together with the roots of the green onions you did not use in a full glass of water. Leave the glass with the future green onions in view of the Sun (i.e. in the window) and let nature do the rest. Whenever you need to use them in a recipe, just go to the glass (or jar for that matter), cut off some, throw them in the culinary idea you are turning to reality and the onions will regrow – almost overnight – in the glass.

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    cool… i want make this in my home..

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