Learn How to Install Knee-Wall Storage


Some dressers might not fit the room or you just don’t like how their bulkiness intrudes with pathways you have set throughout the years. There is a simple solution you can resort to, if the structure of the walls allows you (so make sure you check this first before going into any further specifics). The space-saving dresser might take up to 8 hours to install, depending on the size. But don’t be scared, the DIY project isn’t so hard you wouldn’t implement it. It’s not easy either! Let’s say it is not for the beginner DIY enthusiast. So, after you’ve consulted with a structural engineer you can go ahead with the project and go through all of the steps mentioned in this tutorial. The final result is perfect for the space you gain, in your room and in the wall as well. Spread the news about this awesome project and let us know if it worked out great for you.



Learn How to Install Knee-Wall Storage by This Old House

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  1. Grumpster says:

    So…this is fine if you have 2 foot thick walls with secret passages between them, but the rest of us have 2x4s and this is not gonna work. Nice try, but that looks like Smokey Bear’s cave behind that set of drawers.

  2. Cathy Hill says:

    Who had walls that are a foot or more thick/deep for this to actually work???

    • ray says:

      If you’re in a Cape Code style house where you have slanted ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms… that’s who has the extra space….

  3. Jennifer says:

    We are actually going to try this (eventually) in a bedroom that is beside/below a split level entry. I thought it might be good for the wasted space that resides under the stairs and entry way without wasting the floorspace of the room itself. Hopefully we can make adjustments to their suggestions…..

  4. Silas Cruse says:

    Knee Walls are the short walls in attic rooms. They usually open up to unused space.
    The “triangle area” under the rooms pitch.

  5. tink says:

    It says KNEEWALL storage. So if you have knee walls this is an AWESOME idea!!!


  6. Victoria says:

    This wont work for actual clothes drawers, HOWEVER it would work as a wonderful addition to bathroom walls for bathroom storage.

  7. Rick says:

    We did this when remodeled the attic space. We had 12 sets of drawers in our walls

  8. Lorna says:

    This is so perfect at my house. Our upstairs had that wasted space. Thanks for sharing. LOVING IT!!!

  9. Rod says:

    Or how about unused space beneath basement stairs?

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