Lego Launches New Bowser, X-Men, Spider-Man, And Knuckles Sets To Kick Off 2024

Lego enthusiasts have an exciting start to 2024 with the launch of new sets featuring iconic characters from Sonic, Marvel, and Mario franchises. Marvel fans can dive into the X-Men X-Jet set, intricately designed after the jet from the beloved X-Men ’97 animated show, complete with Magneto and Wolverine Minifigures. Another Marvel addition is the Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle set inspired by the film No Way Home, featuring a thrilling showdown between Spidey and Doc Ock in a motorcycle chase. Mario’s Lego Mushroom Kingdom expands with new sets, including the budget-friendly Bowser’s Muscle Car set, offering a comprehensive experience for just $29.99, along with Yoshi’s Egg-cellent Forest and Dorrie’s Sunken Shipwreck sets.

Adding to the excitement is the Knuckles Guardian set, a new addition to the Sonic Lego universe, introducing Minifigures for Knuckles and Rouge for the first time. The set features Knuckles in a formidable mech, seemingly protecting the Master Emerald from Rouge. These sets are now available through the official Lego store, providing fans with a diverse range of options to kick off the year with creative building and imaginative play. Whether one is a fan of Marvel superheroes, the iconic Mario universe, or the high-speed adventures of Sonic, there’s a new Lego set to cater to various interests and preferences.

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