Lemon Chocolate Cake


Here is a delicious recipe for chocolate and lemon cake, which will make you want to go instantly to the kitchen and start preparing it.

You will need for it:

1 package of cookies
2 spoons (soup) margarine
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Juice of 3 lemons
1/2 can of cream
1/2 package of unflavored gelatin powder.



Start by preparing the dough: crush the cookies in a blender and mix the margarine until a crumble is formed. Cover the bottom and the sides of a 18 cm diameter form with removable bottom. Bake it in an oven preheated to 200 º C for 10 minutes. Let it cool and set aside. Make the filling: in a blender, beat the condensed milk with the lemon juice until creamy. Add the cream and gelatin (this has to be dissolved by following the directions shown on the package), and beat until all the ingredients are incorporated. Put it on the dough and refrigerate for 4 hours or until firm. When serving, garnish with thinly sliced lemon. Tip: We advise you to always let the gelatin cool before incorporating it into the mix.

15 Responses to “Lemon Chocolate Cake”

  1. Ra says:

    can i substitute the gelatin powder with pudding powder instead? thanks.
    very nice and simple recipe!!

    • CramerNH says:

      Pudding will not set the same way as gelatin and it will make a mashy/mushy mess.

      gelatin is the appropriate item to use in this recipe

    • Kitty says:

      Hi Ra,

      You can actually substitute the gelatin by agar agar, which is also suitable for vegans.

  2. Laura says:

    La media lata de nata se refiere a medio litro??

  3. Paqui says:

    ¿dónde está el chocolate????

  4. Stanford Youngquist says:

    Very interesting

  5. farah says:

    Where is chocolate please i don’t see it in the recepe.

  6. Blanca says:

    1 Package of cookies. What weight? chocolate cookies?
    1 can of cream. What weight/volume? What kind of cream?

  7. Yami says:

    el chocolate se encuentra en las galletitas y la gelatina se utiliza para que mantenga la crema de limon en pie, de lo contrario cuando cortas la porcion se vendria abajo, la leche en polvo no te serviria xq no actua como gelificante, si no queres usar gelatina sin sabor, podes usar agar-agar que es otro tipo de gelificante natural, particularmente es mas practico para disolver la gelatina.

  8. debi says:

    cream 200-250 cc? or 1/2 can of the condensed milk measure?

  9. maria says:

    what kind of cream? whipped cream ?

  10. marie says:

    What kind of cookies are you using???

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