Less Is More: The Tiny House Movement


There are lots of advantages of living in a smaller house, with less space to cool and heat, reduced electricity and fuel use as well as greater mobility, among the top 5. Almost 2 thirds (68% to be more precise) of people living in 100 to 400 square feet buildings (the typical size you would define a micro house or compact home by), have been shown to have no mortgages whatsoever. We don’t want to imply that living in a big residence is something to be blamed about or feel ashamed. Just that the Tiny House Movement is gaining momentum and you would be better off to know all the info on small homes. The percentage of people who are willing to move into a tiny house is on the rise. Even though 40% of mini houses are more than 50 years old, 15% of those aged 18-34 years have answered surveys mentioning they would definitely make the change, while 19% are seriously considering such a solution. If you are among those who want to learn more, read this entire article carefully. Then, you could contact any tiny house builders, because they are scattered across the country, and also they will be able to ship one almost anywhere thanks to the small size and mobile quality of such homes. Want to see what the fuss tiny homes, self-efficiency, and environmentally friendly buildings is all about? Find out more from these beautiful graphics.

Tiny-House-Infographicsource: custommade.com


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