Letter Sent to Iceland with Hand-Drawn Map Instead of Address Actually Arrives at Destination

This heartwarming story comes from Iceland, where someone decided to mail a letter without a delivery address by simply drawing a map of the destination on the envelope.
The mail has been sent to a farm in Hvammseit, West Iceland, and to everyone’s surprise, the letter has reached its destination. The envelope of the letter also contained short instructions about the destination and noted „A horse farm with an Icelandic/Danish couple and 3 kids and a lot of sheep.”

The sender has also thought about giving other instructions in case the description fits several farms in the area. The additional info was related to the recipient who was „The Danish woman working in a supermarket in Búðardalur.” And provided something that seems to be a map of the street. The letter was written and mailed by a group of tourists who have previously visited the farm in Hvammseit, but didn’t remember the full address.
This is such a wholesome story and one that brings into attention the small but strong community ties in this tiny country. As postal services are not always the most reliable, having such examples can boost confidence in public institutions.

Here’s a closer look at the map on the envelope:

And here are a few other details to note.

Country: Iceland
City: Búðardalur
Name: a horse farm with an icelandic/danish couple and 3 kids a lot of sheep!

via: skessuhorn.is

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