Make Your Life More Sweet with Honey Syrup Dispenser


Handling honey is not a hard job, but a sticky one. If your breakfasts are also constantly interrupted by running after a cleaning cloth (and a bit of water) in order to remove the spots of honey before it hardens on the table, you definitely need a proper dispenser. Say goodbye to the days when you got all sticky and welcome eating with style. With this 5.75 inches (or 14.5 cm) device your meals will feel a lot stress-free. Its design resembles a honeycomb, making the honey `feel` home-safe before poured into the tea or on a slice of toast. The aluminum handle makes it easy to use and it includes a stand made out of glass where you can place the dispenser. It can hold a cup (or 8 ounces) of honey. It comes with a wash lid so you can hand wash it while still having contents inside. The other pieces are safe for the dishwasher. This Honey Syrup Dispenser is available on Amazon.

List Price: $16.99
Price: $10.79


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