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As we have lately seen, pallets are the perfect material for a DIY furniture. Although tastes are so varied , you can bring in your home with minimal financial investment, extraordinary decorative and useful furniture, sofas, tables, shelves made ​​from … wood pallets. Here we have some exemples of beds from pallets with LED or neon lights. Glowing-Pallet-Bed-1


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  1. Joey Spumoni says:

    Perhaps, due to the popularity of your website and Facebook, you should put a disclaimer directly below this saying MAKE SURE TO USE LED BULBS (rope lights?) DO NOT USE REGULAR LIGHT BULBS AS YOU MAY IGNITE YOUR BED ON FIRE. FIRE BAD!!!

    (Me happy to oblige.)

    • Jacki Brown says:

      how do you run the lights under it? it doesnt explain anything about the lights???

      • Patricia says:

        They’re LED rope lights available from Target and many other retailers online and off. You simply run them within the voids of the pallets leaving the plug end slightly exposed for an extension cord to the nearest electrical outlet.

  2. shawn says:

    instructions would be nice.

  3. Sharon says:

    Hi i have been saying about pallet beds for around 2 years, as i am fed up with the high prices and uncomfortable beds, and being a single mum i can’t afford “high street” price tags, my friends look at me like i’m mad!! haha but glad to see some one has taken the idea further than just thinking about it. Web site is great,

  4. lilian says:

    Hola creo que han echo algo muy alcance de nuestros bolsillos,muchas gracias, ojalá que los palets no desaparezcan

  5. Altkanzler says:

    I’ve built my bed with coke crates, but i like the Pallet Idea

    BUT! – How to prevent the mattress from slipping of the pallets? Has anyone built it, or experience with that? Well, if you use the bed not only for sleeping it could be anoying side effect..

    • Someone says:

      I’ve had my kids on pallet beds for a few months now, and the box springs haven’t moved at all. The mattress has slid, but only because they like to run and jump on it, so that’s no different than their old bed frames. If it’s not on carpet, though, I would recommend something under the pallets to prevent them from sliding a little. I think adult activity would be fine, just noticed one of my son’s pallets slides a little, just enough for me to push it back every week, from him throwing himself into/onto it. Just make sure to get the pallets with thicker boards, like the picture shows. The thinner boards will break, especially if you have a memory foam, or something like that, with no box spring hth 😉

  6. susan says:

    Hi this is a great idea! so were would one get the pallet from with out taking from the local near by stores. if asked will they just give them to you?

    • Cory says:

      Most big box stores have a problem with excess pallets and are happy to get rid of them. Some will even beg you to take more than what you need. If you know anybody personally that works at a walmart, home depot, lowes, or other similar stores just ask them if they can hook you up. I’m in a very rural remote area and have noticed a local small newspaper advertising that they have pallets to give away so maybe your local paper?

  7. Ann-Marie says:

    This is GREAT!!! I have a severely autistic son. I was honestly trying to figure out what to do for a bed for him rather than just having his mattress on the floor. He’s already broke our couch. But I can make this for both my kids and have the lights as night lights for them and “if” he breaks a piece I know where to get the pallets free so it’s an easy fix!! Win-win!!

  8. Brandi says:

    How many would I need for a twin mattress?

    • Someone says:

      I used two like the picture has, and they stick out a couple inches on either side, and there’s a gap in the middle, but it’s not big enough to cause sagging, just about 8 inches or so (I have 4 bricks across in the gap on my son’s, so he doesn’t step down and fall because the pallets are similar in color to our floor), but it may work if you turn them (can’t remember if there was a reason I didn’t do that) You could also just use three, straight down, and have a little platform at one end, maybe to put another on, standing up, for a headboard. Different pallets have different measurements, though.

  9. wherewillwhy says:

    Measuring tape is wise mesuring tape have all answers one would seek about building anything XD

  10. Gert says:

    Brandi, Most pallets are 48 x 48, maybe 6″ high, but do come in assorted sizes depending on what was shipped on them. Twin mattress is typically 43″ wide x 72″ (6′). So two pallets for length, and how tall.

  11. Kat says:

    another option is to contact the local Girl Scout office. The cookies in February- March come in many times on crates. Just an option to help out local.

  12. Randi Burdick says:

    Would 2 or 4 be big enough for a queen sized bed

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