Livable Treehouses


Even though a tree-house might evoke feelings of playtime and adventure, there are people who actually live, day by day, in such a structure, high up into the trees. The project you see in the photos is an actual livable home in the French Alps. Imagine yourself lounging in a warm place like this after a nice walk in the snowy woods. Maybe you’ve collected some wood for the fire or maybe you foraged or hunted for something to eat, the well-equipped tree-house offers a cozy ambient for you. The interior design is simple but you could change it in order to fit your personality. Designers Patrice and Hugo Bernard made sure the small home in the trees has everything you might want in a regular house. The kitchen has all facilities and the bedroom holds a large bed in which you can easily fall asleep. Take a look over the photos to get a better idea of what it means to actually live in a tree-house.

  • a tree house perched 9 metres off the floor and secured to the surrounding pine trees









More info: Les Ecotagnes

7 Responses to “Livable Treehouses”

  1. Brian Schauerte says:

    Hard to keep on the level ….

    Feeling sorry for the growing trees.

    • Ray Wiseman says:

      Trees don’t grow in that way… they grow in circumference and to top keeps extending… Imagine the scene of a barbed wire fence against a young tree… eventually the tree “absorbs” the wire… and the wire becomes well inside the tree… at the same height. The tree absorbs the treehouse structure in much the same way…

  2. Mjpare says:

    Brian, trees grow from the ends of their branches and the whole tree grows in circumference each year, but a spot that is eye level will always be eye level. So, when you build your tree house it will remain level if it started out that way.

    • Mjpare says:

      The photos are not the inside of the treehouse shown. If you compare the stove pipe placement outside and inside they can’t be the same place AND nobody uses fieldstone on a whole wall in a tree house. Why the deception?

  3. Jtpolk says:

    I love livable tree houses. Being single, I could definitely live in one.

  4. BdoubleU says:

    What are you guys, the treehouse police.. because u can’t have stone in your tree house? I do… half down each wall n I’m no where near full load.. cram it

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