Log Cabin Tent


The Log Cabin Tent has a interior large enough for eight people and features a screen porch with four windows for enjoying the gorgeous view, mesh pockets and a hanging organizer for storage, a durable tub floor, a convenient cable port and a vent employing Igloo’s Cool Riser Technology to create a comfortable temperature inside. MaxDry and UV-Ban qualities ensure you and your gear last through a wide range of conditions.

Dimensions: 156 x 86 x 144 inches ; 42.5 pounds

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log-cabin-tent-1 log-cabin-tent-2

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3 Responses to “Log Cabin Tent”

  1. richard11281 says:

    So is this For Sale or just an ad gimmick?

  2. MARK HERREN says:

    Where can I get a log cabin tent ? What is the price of the photo that sleeps eight ??

  3. Larry Peters says:

    How do you put it up and take it down

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