Lookout Glass Tower For a Unique Pond Fish


Building a fish pond for your outer space can give a nice twist to your garden. For instance, a Koi fish pond is something popular these days. If you don’t know a lot about this fish, you should know that Koi fish come from Japan and are kept mostly for decorative purposes. This next video will teach you how to make the most beautiful Koi pond ever, by creating a lookout tower for your new pets. But first, you may need to build a pond and then place this tower in the middle of it. This way your fish won’t be limited only to the tower, as it will be able to swim up the tower and inside the pond. To learn more about how to make this amazing lookout tower, watch the video tutorial from the following link. Looks beautiful, right? Try it for yourself.


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  • Hi,

    The video thought us nothing, let alone how to make the tower, since it doesn’t show anything other than few second of the tower. I bet you didn’t check the video?

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