Lopifit – The Electric Walking Bike


Is it a bike? Is it a scooter? It’s actually both and it’s called the Lopifit, an electric walking bike designed by Bruin Bergmeester. He got the idea after using his treadmill and a thought crossed his mind: “how can I use my treadmill outside?” That’s when he thought about creating the Lopifit an electric bike that takes you outdoors in order to exercise and enjoy nature. The secret of this bike lies behind its cool technology, an electric assist combined with gears that offers the same sensation you have while taking a walk in the park, only this time you will be on an electric bike. Don’t forget to check out the link below, so you can learn more about this innovative and environmentally friendly product.




website: lopifit.com


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  1. Zvljml says:

    ..well that’s nice,let’s made a little flexibility so it can be foldable..in case runnin out of power..

  2. Daniel Arauz says:

    what is the shipping cost to USA and f

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