Lovely Balloon Decorations


Everyone thinks organizing an event is so easy, but there are lots of decisions you have to make before really inviting guests to enjoy themselves. Especially if these guests are kids! We thought we could give you a helping hand by showing a few nice ideas for preparing the interior design for the party. Here are some suggestions for you to try and decorate the room of you event with some balloons.


How about a Caterpillar made entirely by balloons? Sure, a little bit of drawing a cartoonish face onto the friendly looking insect might come to good use. And perhaps decorating with the multitude of feet is something that adds fun to your Caterpillar. Make sure you have enough green balloons to form the long body of the bug and one red for the head. Place with some tape above the door or the fireplace.


Try and make the famous Mickey and Minnie Mouse couple. You will need balloons that already have their faces on them so you won’t need to put extra work of drawing in. But the bodies are entirely yours to fashion. For this you will need some long black balloons to fashion the hands, a bunch of pink ones to make Minnie’s body and some red ones to craft Mickey’s pants. Don’t forget to add white mittens and you’re done! And if nothing suits you, try this much easier craft task: make a couple of cute sheep.


Along with a complete green garden made out of balloons, this decor will surely bring tons of fun to the kids as they can easily play or pop some of the `leaves`, `flowers` and `fleece`. It needs more time and patience but the outcome is sure to brighten-up a party.


You could also opt for the aquatic environment to craft with a whole bunch of balloons. The underwater decor is easier to craft because odd looking shapes are something of a norm there. Try to make a few fish or animals, like octopus or jellyfish, if you think making the aquatic plants or reef was too easy. The result will be something kids will enjoy, either way. Or find an idea all by your own that will improve the interior design of any event or party. Good luck!


Flowers out of balloons are a regular thing to see at carefully thought events. They are so easy to make, a kid can pitch in to help with the preparations. All you need is some brightly colored balloons, rubber bands and a creative eye. Assemble a simple flower or try to make an intricate bouquet. They will look beautiful!








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