Lovely Cat Room Design


It is widely known that cats love to have their own private space and if that space is somewhere high, than it is just perfect. Cats love to climb on furniture and watch things happen from above as they feel save and protected this way. So instead of trying to make a cozy place for your cat on your bed or the floor, think about installing an intricate maze of games and climbing places.
To get inspired take a look at this next design, which is the equivalent of Disneyland, but for cats. There are a lot of great places where your cat can climb and jump from one another when it is playtime. The structures are all made from wood and covered in cozy materials, to make your cat feel wonderful. Designed by Gold Paw, a german company, this cat wonderland also includes a lot of comfortable and secure sleeping areas, so you won’t have to be afraid anymore that your cat will fall asleep on a shelf and then fall off. If you think this is too much and don’t have enough space to recreate this cat playground, try and borrow only a few ideas from design and adapt it to the space available to you.

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