Luxury Motorhome: Allegro Breeze


You might think an RV is a bulky beast which you have to tame before using it properly. The surprise comes from the 2014 Allegro Breeze! With an elegant outside design, it is said to be the smallest and lightest vehicle of the type, making it quite easy to handle and most comfortable in its class-type. But these are only a few of the benefits of this type of motorhome. The Allegro Breeze features an AC system modeled after the one of a house, making an even warm and cool temperature on the inside. The LED lighting interior together with the vinyl tile floor makes the motor-home more like a modern-home. Also, the large interior has cabinets made out of handcrafted hardwood, which gives the ambiance a warmer nesting feeling. The rear engine diesel gives 240 HP and the handling, as said before, is smooth and useful for cornering and maneuvering, and this is thanks to the independent front suspension with an air ride system.


The RV also has a couple of slide-outs fiberglass units, named Smart Slides, which can protect you from harsh weather. Together with a one-piece fiberglass roof that acts as a solid top barrier protection from any pesky rain or melting heat-wave. The underneath storage is protected as well via aluminum bay doors. All you need for a home away from home is in the Allegro Breeze. You won’t be disappointed.





motor-home-Allegro-Breeze-6 motor-home-floor-plan

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  1. Emma Thompson says:

    How much are these?

    • Reg Dennehy says:

      Could you give me an indication of price,I am in Queensland would like to see the finished product if possible, what class of licence is required?t

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