Luxury Ski Chalet in Courchevel, France


If you’re looking for a vacation spent in luxury, we have just the place for that! This ski chalet from France will make you want vacations to last a whole year. The neutral colors on walls and throughout the pieces of furniture is only accentuated by sporadic appearances of color (red, purple etc.) in a painting, a lamp or other kind of small decorations. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, separated only via some glass walls and filled with great stone tubs. The straight and slick lines of the design are only surpassed by the beauty of the decorations. It is highly noticeable that the Courchevel ski resort chalet was built and designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. You can find literally anywhere a place you can sit on and lounge for hours.


The wood ceiling and paneled walls (with a few exceptions in the bath or in certain areas in the living – like the fireplace or bar) will bring a minimalistic side of nature close to you. The facilities are not to be ignored. State of the art entertainment systems and lighting are found both on the inside and the outside. You could listen to a relaxing album and sip your tea in one of the outdoor lounge chairs. A touch of details, like the wooden frame which houses the TV in one of the bedrooms, or the color of the flowers that match the rest of the interior design, is what will make the decision for spending an extra weekend or week in the Cospillot area a lot more easier. Take a virtual tour with the pictures provided and make your future trip to France one to remember.









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