Luxury Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace


Who said tiny cottages can’t be luxurious? Here’s a beautiful tiny home with a stunning rooftop terrace. It is the most perfect holiday home for someone who enjoys sunbathing and spending time in nature. The spacious terrace will allow you to chill with your friends or family, enjoy the light of the sun and spend unforgettable nights watching the stars. The cottage is mobile, so it can be transported from one place to the other and has a very cool front deck too with a fireplace. The interior is decorated in a modern style with luxurious elements and has enough space for a small family, the space being divided into a living room, dining, kitchen and a cozy upstairs bedroom.









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26 Responses to “Luxury Tiny Cottage with Rooftop Terrace”

  1. Dale C. Jackson,Sr. says:

    I find this home very interesting, and would like more info on where the plans can be purchase

  2. Sneh PritamSingh says:

    So beautiful ,wish I could have it

  3. b says:

    I so want this like yesterday. Wish it said how many square feet and the cost to build…….

  4. Hisham says:

    Nice decoration

  5. Carole West @ Garden Up Green says:

    What is the square footage of this layout.

  6. Ginette Lavoie says:

    Do you built those houses in Québec. And what is the price please.

  7. Ginette Lavoie says:

    Do you sale and construct thoses houses in Québec Canada and what is the price please thanks and best regards,

    Ginette Lavoie

  8. Sandra says:

    Who designed and built this? Are they for sale?

  9. cindy says:

    this is beautiful, I wonder how big it is and how much it cost to build

  10. Gerald Jimerson says:


  11. Barb MacPherson says:

    How much was this to build and furnish exactly how it is shown, and is it insulated well enough for Canadian winters? And finally …where do we get the plans for this?

  12. Mark Fossett says:

    How much does it cost?

  13. Kim says:

    Where can I obtain plans or more information for this home ?

  14. donna franzoni says:

    I want to have one built for me in Florida!
    How much? Info.?

  15. Desert Flower says:

    Hoping for details about this.
    Plans, square footage, price etc.

  16. Steve Desdhambault says:

    I’m very interested in pricing options. Thank you

  17. Venus Rigueira says:

    Moving to Florida I’m very interested in pricing this home

  18. Rovonda Kirksey says:

    who is the builder, sq. ft. and cost???

  19. Shela says:

    I’m very interested in more information, like costs, gray water or hook up to sewage, dimensions, deck included? etc. etc. Thank you! Shela

  20. Amanda quigley says:

    How much for this one please

  21. Marilou says:

    I would like to know more about this tiny home. This is absolutely beautiful. Do you build them and move them or what. Do you rent them too.

  22. Tj says:

    Those loft bedrooms would be a sweet studio for an artist, making this a perfect summer hideaway.

  23. Maureen Garver says:

    The floorplan shown does not seem to match up with the photos. The stairs seem to be centered on the kitchen counter in reality, not lined up with the edge as the plan shows. Also, where is the small island (with bar stools) …is that a removable piece of furniture?


  24. kenny says:

    Hi like this house beaurtiful but is flaw in the plan its the picture front chimney breast goes in wal left then out then wall to corner then side wall then in
    chimney breast on the right.. goes in then wall to right then in again,wall right then out with doorway,wall to right to corner.
    #in the floor plan is different..
    front porch, on left….wall left goes along then in then along to corner then round to side..
    look at the picture then look at the floor plan again .. not the same.. ???


  25. kenny says:

    whats the size.sqaure foot and the price..and do you do a two bed roomed two bathroom ???
    doesnt give measurements to rooms. ????


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