Magic Flower Laundry Pet Hair Catcher

Every pet owner knows that pet hair is hard to get rid of, especially when you wash your clothes, and these get stuck in the washing machine. If you want to avoid having your washing machine lined up with pet hair, then these cute little flowers will come to your rescue.

They are called Magic Flower Pet Laundry Hair Catcher and they have a special screen that will collect the hair from your clothes, inside the washing machine. The flower is made out of foam and the way it works is that you have to place it inside the machine so that it can float on the surface of the water and catch the hair in the screen below it. This way you won’t have to worry about your clogging the machine’s tubes with wet pet hair.

The Magic Flower is a great gadget for any pet owner and a very cool present for a friend who always complains about dog or cat hair troubles when washing their clothes. The pet hair catchers are also reusable, so they are a great and sustainable investment, but you can also opt for a package of 2 or even 8 pieces.

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