How to Make: Mirror Storage Case


Decorating your home needs not that much skill, but determination. This project for an awesome DIY bathroom mirror cabinet will give you much needed extra storage as well as a feeling of space in the room. There is some work with wood, but nothing one can’t handle without specialized help. Here is a list of supplies which will result in a product similar to the one in the photo, and it only costs under 100$:

• a couple of 1 by 6 by 8 pine or whitewood boards;
• four 1 by 4 by 8 pine or whitewood boards;
• a quarter of inch hardwood plywood cut to 19 by 63 inches;
• painter’s tape;
• 3M stainable wood filler;
• a pair of safety glasses;
• 16 by 60 inches large beveled mirror;
• 120 grit sanding paper;
• four decorative hinges;
• a knob;
• magnet closures;
• any color wood stain;

You must know from the beginning that all the measurements were according to the size of the mirror. In the link below are all details you need. Enjoy!


DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case


  • Whitney on said:

    This is stolen content and stolen photos from our site. Please remove them from your site immediately. In the future, please do not use any content from our site for your own monetary gain. Thank you.

    • @ Whitney ,I always see photos on sites from different websites. I didn’t know they were getting any monetary gain by doing this since they are free DIY projects. Who knew.

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