Make Your Own Lumber With a Chainsaw Mill


Are you also in love with lumber and wished you had the possibility of making a log cabin without any costs? If you own some forested land and a chainsaw mill, you are set to go! The images you’re about to see will prove that you can take a tree and turn that lumber into a workable piece of building block for your future log home or shed. The method is one that can be learned in short time. Just see the video provided and you will see how to use this tool to your benefit. There is some work involved in the whole process, but you know what they say: you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. So, roll up your sleeves and transform the lumber with minimum costs into perfect logs.



Granberg EZ Rail Mill Guide System – 9-Ft., 3 Crossbar Kits, Model# G1080




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An introduction to milling your own lumber with the Logosol Timberjig Chainsaw mill. Here I’m cutting 2×8’s for my sill plates.

“All alone—without a tractor, horse, or sled—you can actually move 50-foot logs out of the deepest woods and get your building lumber for practically nothing but your labor.
I made this discovery when I set out to build a three-story, passive solar home. One of the first things I did, of course, was price the lumber I’d need … and I was shocked to learn that one 2 X 6 can cost $4.00! (And, as you probably know, such “commercial” boards actually measure only 1 1/2″ X 5 1/2″) I soon realized there was no way I could afford to buy the quantity of lumber I’d need.”

via MotherEarthNews

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