Make Your Own Nail Polish Rack


A girl can’t have too many nail polishes. The more colors of nail polish you have, the better as you can match them to any outfit, mood and season. But where do you put all those bottles of nail polish? They are indeed, small but lots of small bottles can take up a lot of precious space and your room can get a messy aspect. To avoid this, you can build yourself a simple nail polish rack and store the bottles there. The supplies you’ll need for the rack, are: wood, screws, wall anchor, wood glue, sand paper, nail filler and paint. First measure the available space you have for the rack, then start cutting the wood according to your measurements. Create the shelves, them fix them on a base and screw an extra piece of wood in front of each shelf, so you can fit your nail polish bottles there. Once you are done with the structure, you can start painting the rack any color you want. If you have lots of colorful nail polish bottles, a white rack will be perfect. Place the bottles on the rack and your project is done. Kind of awesome, right?

nail-polish-rack-1 source: Product Hug


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