Making A Trip Wire Alarm System

Have you ever thought about making an alarm when going camping or just to have one in case of emergency? Making a trip wire alarm system is easier than it seems at a first glance and it will notify you in case there is an emergency or an intruder near you. You will need to have a trigger, which will be made out of a wire, fishing line or twine. But when it comes to the mechanism, you have several variations. The most handy one would be to use a battery, so when the alarm is activated a spark would be made and the battery will burn the wires. To learn more about this mechanism and how to make it, check out the video tutorial from the VIDEO below and start building your very own trip wire alarm.


In this video I will show you an interesting idea how to make a TRIP-WIRE ALARM

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    That’s a good set up but the names of the components would be necessary to be able to find them, most are obvious, the chirping component, and the one that makes the bang, that component, should be locateable in electronics stores I’d imagine?

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