Man banned from all-you-can-eat BBQ for eating too much

All-you-can-eat restaurants are many people’s favorites, even though no one can ever really eat as much as they imagine.
These restaurants rely on the fact that people will feel full quickly and they will limit themselves to their regular food input.
But a man from China managed to achieve something no one ever achieved before, namely getting banned from an all-you-can-eat BBQ place after eating too much.
The man known as Mr. Kang by the online community is a food live-streamer and was recently banned from Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet in Changsha.

Locals say he exaggerated with the food, after eating 1.5 kg of pork trotters and between 3.5 and 4 kg of prawns.
The restaurant banned him from ever entering again after his food binge, and Mr. Kang called them out for being discriminatory.
The restaurant’s owner fears that by continuing to allow Mr. Kang to his place, he will go out of business as he loses a lot of money. China has a strict policy when it comes to food waste, and food live-streamers are facing constant roadblocks from the government when sharing their content.
Posting food waste-related content or binge eating videos on social media platforms is banned in the country, and, in light of this, all-you-can-eat restaurants have an uncertain future as well.


“Even when he drinks soy milk, he can drink 20 or 30 bottles. When he eats the pork trotters, he consumes the whole tray of them. And for prawns, usually people use tongs to pick them up, he uses a tray to take them all.”

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