Man rebuilds salvaged trailer into 200 sq. ft. tiny home

A salvaged trailer transformed into a beautiful tiny home can be an inspiration for all, designers and house seekers alike. The 200 sq. ft. structure in Oregon is one good example of why people should consider salvaging more stuff rather than buying new things over and over again. The tiny house features a nice kitchen, useful bathroom, a sleeping loft, built-in storage, and a cute lounge area. Even though there are lots of windows to let natural light come in and also feel more spacious, the structure is fully insulated and provides a comfortable ambiance. If it weren’t for the architectural craftsmanship, you can’t even know the home you are viewing was a trailer before. Take the virtual tour to see for yourself what a person has achieved to do with a simple trailer.



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  1. Marilyn Buckler says:

    I am a tiny house fan.

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