Man Turns 1977 Dodge Camper into an Off Grid Straw Bale Home







15 Responses to “Man Turns 1977 Dodge Camper into an Off Grid Straw Bale Home”

  1. Douglas McCarthargeon says:

    This just seems like a fire waiting to happen. Did this guy survive the winter, or did he burn to death?

  2. gord says:

    there is a wood stove in there god forbid that hay doesn’t ignight!

  3. jane lusenga says:

    Waw waw waw ! i luv de manicure patterns and garden decorations . want to know de tips of doing it on my own .

  4. Chris Callous says:

    Ok but… This is the last straw!!!

  5. Sherry says:

    That plastic will not last past the first good windstorm. I understand being homeless and doing what you have to but that isn’t going to last the winter. Yes, the straw is way too exposed to the hot stovepipe and sparks. The basic idea is good, just needs more safety and stability configurations.

  6. Jules says:

    how on earth did he breathe enclosed in straw with no air flow and a wood fire stove sucking up all the oxygen?

  7. Reg says:

    Just try to put fire into a straw bale it won’t burn because it’s compressed. It will smouldering for sure but everybody will have all the time to get out. A blade of straw burns quickly not a bale. Same thing between a page of phone book and the book itself…

  8. RoBear says:

    yeah, sorry. no. just piling a bunch of straw bales around an existing structure does not make it a “straw bale house”.

  9. My says:

    Am I supposed to be impressed? If he didn’t burn to death, what about carbon monoxide? That looks way too warm as well. I respect ingenuity and making the best of nothing. If any of that impresses me, it is that the man had such good friends to help with that (but didn’t bother making a better set up just with the materials pictured. ). Maybe we should post kids’ homemade forts, too?

  10. JoJo says:

    I just wanted to respond to the comments about flammability. Try setting a phone book on fire. You can’t , but why can’t you? Because it’s too dense. Same with straw bales. A simple Google search would tell you that.

  11. Jay says:

    A properly made bale of hay is very fire retardant.

  12. richard says:

    a side from the potential fire hazard, it is wrapped with two way moisture barrier plastic, this can/will cause mold. A batter option would be to wrap this with a tyvek type material.

  13. Survival Prepper says:

    I thought the same at first about the fire hazard, if you look at the picture steps you can see he has used metal flashing and an insulator board to keep the heat off the hay. Also you need to realize if you have ever had a stove like this that the stack at this point is already cooled off enough at that particular point to keep from starting a fire anyway.

  14. Gadgetman says:

    Best use of a Dodge I’ve seen yet.

  15. The hobbitt says:

    Another shithead internet troll who thinks he knows it all has spoken. Maybe you could stuff some of that straw up your ass….that might impress you dickhead

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