Manoir Du Lac, Mogosoaia


We live in a time where the past can be no longer considered behind us, but constantly revived and made use of in the present. When you think of castles and manors, you don’t often link them to Romania. But this Mogosoaia, Bucharest based residence best illustrates how the local aristocracy from medieval Wallachia lived. Each property of the Manoir du Lac has 650 square meters and a large patio opening. If you like restored architectural jewels, than you ought to live in this lavish residence. Wander through the photos to get a feeling of what day-to-day life would have been centuries ago, and what could be nowadays.


With brick masonry, reinforced concrete floors, beams and ring-beams, placed on a concrete foundation, the building stands sturdy in the surrounding landscape. The manor is divided in two separate living entities. This allows much space for two separate families or one big family, blending the need for privacy with the closeness of your relatives. The entry into the inside is a lavish space of 84 square meters that can be fitted into one big living area, close to the cooking area. The kitchen has stunning adornments which along side a working (gas) fireplace and staggering ceiling decorations make it pleasing to the eye.
The sleeping quarters are accessible at the first floor via a beautiful curved staircase. The master bedroom has 30 square meters and is designed for tranquility, comfort and romance. The cozy feeling found as well at the first floor is not only because of the 20kg/m³ density polystyrene used for thermal insulation, but also by he carefully restored pieces of furniture and exquisite fabrics. These complete the elegance of the spacious area which features a 9.5 square meters walk-in dressing room and opens to superb window views. The dedication to relaxation is also found in the layout and design of the travertine finished bathrooms of both bedrooms, and as well at the second floor, where the entire space is inviting guests to shed stress and walk in the sauna or on the massage table.


From a distance, the manor can be seen as cold and rough, but as you come closer, you are embraced by its beauty and elegance. This though isn’t a compromise for utility; the outside has automatic water-sprinkler system, a 25 square meters inviting swimming pool overseeing the lake, and a two vehicle garage on the side of the front yard. When you see the manor for yourself, you will be tempted to move to Romania and live just like the old aristocracy – but with the benefits of modern life comfort. Now that’s a compromise I think you could live with.














Photographer: Radu Chindris



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