Massive St. Bernards raise baby goat as their own

Animals can be so kind to each other, that they even surprise humans with their selfish behavior. Many animal species provide special care to babies of other species and even raise them as their own and this is the case in this next story as well.
These St. Bernards prove that dogs have a big heart, and adopted an orphaned baby goat as their own.

Julie and Basil, the St. Bernard couple live on a farm in Belgium and these gentle giants are nurturing a baby goat. But the baby goat is not the first animal, the two dogs have co-parented, as they previously looked after chicks, cows, donkeys, and even kittens.
The baby goat was named Hans, and it seems that the two St. Bernards have a very special connection with him, cozying up to the tiny goat and acting as play buddies. It is so wonderful to see different species living together in peace and acceptance, after all they are all, inhabitants of the same space.



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