Master Chainsaw Artist Steve Blanchard: Amazing Wood Sculpture


Steve Blanchard carves some of the most impressive pieces of wooden homes. The level in which his artistic skills blend with life-size examples of fairytale houses is quite amazing. With these inspirational works, the artist manages to take the viewer closer to a fantasy world, where curve-line windows and doors are common and wood is the natural material to use, no glass or steel in sight. Mixed with rustic motives and wildlife models, the creativity exhibited by Blanchard is awe-inspiring. Take a look over the images to convince yourself of this fact.


From Saw Dogs headquarters, Steve and his foreman pull from a pool of the best carvers in the world, matching their special skill sets to each week’s project, to craft some of the most intricate wood carvings imaginable. But unlike other crafts, chainsaw carving has an element of danger. Mistakes have resulted in loss of limb and even death. Confronting the chainsaw challenge requires a steady hand, a fearless disposition and a healthy ego.






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