Meera Sky Garden House


This astonishing and eco-friendly house was designed by Guz Architects and it was built on the island called Sentosa. When you look at the house it gives you the impression that it is stretching into the sky. From the house you can see the harbor and what’s sets it apart from other houses are its amazing design and the green space behind its walls. Although its large scale (four story house) makes the design really impressive, the plenty of green space that you will find near the house will make you feel at home and much closer to the beauty of nature. The floors of the house are all covered with grass on their roof, which separates them from the other floors, thus creating the feeling that in fact there are four separate houses, but still tied together by natural element. From the center of the house a spiral staircase connects each story with the other and having this staircase gives the house a feeling of openness which is also intensified by the large and bright windows. This eco-friendly house was built on a relatively small property, but the connection that it has with nature, makes the space look much bigger and you can feel as if the house were a part of the hills. This house is the perfect place to reconnect with nature, as you can feel the sea breezes and the sunlight on your skin each day, thanks to its great location.


The large multi layered four storey house tries its best to break down the volume into human scale spaces with interaction with gardens and greenery at all levels.








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  1. Linda says:

    Lovely and beautifully done but how would one “mow” the roof?

  2. mehdy says:

    very god

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