They Met in Culinary School and Renovated a $444,000 Public Housing Apartment Together in Singapore

Colin Yong and his wife’s journey towards homeownership was a testament to perseverance and adaptability. Initially setting their sights on a build-to-order (BTO) apartment like many other young Singaporean couples, they found themselves thwarted by the daunting waiting lists and uncertainty of the process. After applying nine times for BTO and Sale of Balance flats without success, they decided to explore alternative avenues. Their eventual purchase of a $444,000 public housing apartment, built by the Housing and Development Board (HDB), marked a significant milestone in their lives. Located in the heart of Singapore’s Hougang neighborhood, their cozy five-room flat became not just a place to live, but a canvas for their shared dreams and ambitions.

At the core of their renovation project was the kitchen, where their culinary skills flourished and memories were shared. As graduates of a culinary school, the couple found solace and joy in creating a space that reflected their passion for food and hospitality. Despite the challenges they faced in securing their home, Colin Yong, 34, and his wife embraced the opportunity to transform their dated apartment into a modern sanctuary. Their story resonates with many young couples in Singapore who navigate the complexities of homeownership, often opting for resale flats or private properties when faced with lengthy wait times for BTO apartments. Through determination and creativity, Colin and his wife turned their humble abode into a haven where they could unwind with friends, celebrating not just their love for each other but also their shared journey toward creating a place they could truly call home.

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