Meteorite Which Contains Two New Minerals Not Found on Earth Discovered in Somalia

In 2020, a celestial spectacle unfolded in the skies over Somalia as a massive meteorite, the ninth largest ever unearthed, made its spectacular descent near the town of El Ali in the Hiiraan region. This cosmic visitor, weighing an astounding 15 tonnes (16.5 U.S. tons), captured the attention of scientists and space enthusiasts alike. However, what made this extraterrestrial arrival even more intriguing was the discovery that the meteorite harbored two entirely new minerals not found on Earth.
The meteorite’s landing site near El Ali became a focal point for scientific investigation, and samples were promptly collected and analyzed by researchers at the University of Alberta.

The findings revealed the presence of minerals so far unknown to terrestrial geology, opening new avenues for understanding the composition of celestial bodies beyond our planet. This rare celestial event not only added to the scientific knowledge of space rocks but also underscored the importance of remote regions like Somalia in unveiling the mysteries of the cosmos. The discovery of novel minerals within the meteorite not only provides insights into the formation processes of such celestial bodies but also serves as a testament to the boundless wonders that continue to unfold in our exploration of the cosmos.

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