Mini Chocolate and Nutella Pie Recipe


Nutella is a great ingredient for a desert and it can also make you feel happy in an instant. Each and every sweet treat becomes better once you add Nutella and this is true for pies too. You can make these next mini Nutella pies for an upcoming special occasion as they will be a great success. Start with making the mini pie crust cups, as you can make them out of refrigerate Pillsbury pie crusts. Then make the batter, which will be a soft and fluffy Nutella based mousse. Use cream cheese to create this light cream and add vanilla too. Then assemble the pies and add melted chocolate on top. So delicious! Visit the link below for the entire recipe and begin baking your own Nutella and chocolate pie today. Any guest lucky enough to be at your table will be truly impressed, both visually and tastefully!


Mini Chocolate and Nutella Pie Recipe – TheGunnySack

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  1. plasterer bristol says:

    Oh my, this sounds so good. Love nutella. Thanks for sharing this.


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