Mini Panda Cupcakes


I found a new recipe for you, one that is delicious and cute at the same time. If you are planning to have a party someday soon, than this is just the recipe you need: mini panda cupcakes.
Start with making 12 cupcakes. You can find several types of cupcake mixes at the store, just pick one and prepare the cupcakes like it says on the packaging. When they are ready, let them cool and after that prepare an icing for them. When the icing is ready, you will need to press some of it on each cupcake. After that take a bowl of sugar and press each cupcake into this bowl. Use chocolate chips to make the eyes, ears and nose of the cupcake panda. When this is ready, use chocolate sprinkles to make the mouth of the panda. When it comes to make the details of the eyes, you can use edible ink pens on white confettis. You can serve them with milk or ice-cream. These cupcakes look lovely and taste great too.
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