Miniature Homes Creatively Attached to Lighting Designs: House-Lamp


I found these lovely and original lamp designs envisioned by architect Lauren Daley from San Francisco. Lauren skillfully built three homes in different architecture styles (Eco, Modern, and Bungalow) and attached them to lighting units: “I started House-Lamp to combine a couple of my greatest joys: making things with my own two hands, and architectural design“.


“I’ve spent over a year developing House-Lamp to bring you the best lamp I can.  I’ve hauled lumber on subways and buses, spent lots of my hard earned cash, routed and re-routed bases, written my own theme music, and have made more models than I know what to do with.  It has been a lot of work, a ton of fun, and I’m thrilled to finally launch on Kickstarter.  I believe in this product and want to make one just for you.”






2 Responses to “Miniature Homes Creatively Attached to Lighting Designs: House-Lamp”

  1. ariel andry says:

    miniature rumahnya bagus…. jd tertarik untuk peluang usaha …. 🙂

  2. Carmen says:

    It is for sale? Can you tell me please the price?

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